SHS Anti-Allergy Nose Ring  

SHS Anti-allergy Nose Ring—Methods of Use  


SHS Anti-Allergy Nose Ring—Medical Functions  

This is a new invention* unique to the whole world, a portable air filter, which can filter the pollens, viruses, bacteria and dust* out of the air when it is mounted on the nostrils to ensure that every tiny bit of the air inhaled is clean in order to reach the effects of anti-allergy, asthma and sickness.  Therefore, SHS is the savior for patients with allergy and asthma.

Those with allergic body temperaments, it is suggested to wear it for more than 24 hours in order to improve the allergic situation and enhance body health.  

SHS Anti-allergy Nose Ring—Features and Materials

It is superbly thin and small, easy to wear and carry and can help the wearer feel comfortable and forget about its existence.  Made by precious metals of gold and silver, plus with Austrian diamonds, also since the metallic elements are more stable, and will be less oxygenated, it is guaranteed for a use of 3 years and you can also wear it for 24 hours that which won’t cause discomfort or allergy to your skin.  

SHS Anti-allergic Nose Ring—Make-up Effects on the Nose

It can change the height and shape of the nose and also can it be adjusted in order to correspond with the shape, size and span of the nostrils.  As for the diamonds, it can help beautify the face in a better way.  Therefore, wearing it can help your nose look as high and straight as that of a Greek sculpture does.  And your face will be prettier with the decoration of the diamonds.

As for the new invention of SHS Anti-allergy Nose Ring, we are now able to produce in a large volume and accept orders of all kinds of sizes.

SHS Anti-allergy Nose Ring has already had patents in many countries such as Taiwan, Mainland China, America, Japan, Germany, Korea and Canada etc.

  Large-volume purchase or cooperation for distribution agency is welcomed.

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SHS Anti-allergy Nose Ring—Details Quotation

SHS Anti-allergy Nose Ring—Methods of Use  

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