Operation of Anti-allergy Nose Ring

Main Ring  

1.      Cut off a small piece of filtering net

2.      Put that piece of net on the main ring of the anti-allergy nose ring,

3.      Use the press ring of the anti-allergy nose ring to press the filter net down on the main ring so that the internal and external rings can align with each other.

4.      Trim the extra filter net away.

5.      Use the end bottom of the handle to the scissors to press down on the horizontal bar on the press rings of the anti-allergy nose ring so that the end bottom of the press ring can align with the main ring.  And such the operation is completed so that you can wear it on your nose as the picture shows.

6***NOTE**This product is cast made by precious metals based on ergonomic so that it can be adjusted and changed slightly based on the angle to which your nose elevates.

You can correct it based on the angle of your nose elevation as well as your septum nasi,

Wear this product in the most comfortable way for you.

*But dont fold it hard or it will still break.

7. Being light, thin, short and small, this product is a casually worn one.  Therefore, for the first time wearers, you can shorten the distance in between in order to avoid letting it drop off.

8.This product has already been insured with NT$10,000,000 for a warranty period of 3 years.  Therefore, any damage if not due to man-made factors, this company will provide repair for free.

Your health is our happiness

Wish you GOOD and WELL

*I want to become a distributor*I am a dealer, I need detailed quotation*

*I want to buy one of these for a trial.

*I want to understand more of its medical principles.

Press Ring

American 3m filter net is suggested because it has been recognized and adopted by the Lung Association of USA

*It has already been proved to filter out the dust of less than 0.1 micrometer such as smog, pollen, dust and virus etc.

*Each product will be attached with a small piece of filter net.

But later please buy yourself a filter net for a change.

Models available now are as follows:

1.S1 *1cm high.*0.7cm wide

2.s2 * 1.15cm high. *0.8cm wide

3.s3 * 1.3cm high.   *09 cm wide

Models available now are as follows:
  high. wide
m1 1cm 0.6cm
m2 1.1cm 0.7cm
m3 1.3cm 0.8cm
m4 1.5cm 0.9cm
m5 1.5cm 1cm
m6 1.8cm 1.1cm
m7 1.6cm 1.3cm
m8 2cm 1.2cm


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